What our customers say about Five Peaks German Shepherds


I just wanted to say how much we love our German Shepherd, Glitzen. Your knowledge and love of the breed was very impressive during our initial interview to discuss that specific litter of puppies. This new puppy was to be our fifth GSD. We discussed in detail what our needs and wants were for our new puppy as far as temperament, attitude, intelligence, and adaptability to new surroundings, etc. You were more that patient with us throughout this period. As you recall, it took Moreen and me three trips to your business to finally decide which new puppy we wanted. With each visit we became more enamored with our little "RED" puppy.

As I reflect on those visits, it seems to me you were evaluating us as much as we were evaluating you and your puppy. Throughout these visits you assured us of the quality of puppy we were pursuing and that its' personality would blend in with our household. Glitzen just celebrated her third birthday. As I have told you before, this is the dog I have been waiting for all my life. I can't thank your enough for your patience from the first visit to when we were able to take our new baby home. She has exceeded all our expectations and all your predictions. will gladly recommend you to anyone serious in acquiring a truly first class German Shepherd Dog."

Jim and Moreen Schneider


"Hello Elaine,

Wanted to take a few moments to write about our Sophie, who is now eightenn months old. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, she is without a doubt one of the best German Shepherd Dogs, or any dog for that matter, that we have ever owned. We have five grandchildren ranging in age from nine months to eleven years. She is relatively calm around the toddlers, but active with the eleven year old. We have recently added an English Cocker Spaniel puppy to the household, whom Sophie has welcomed warmly. Shell play and play with the new puppy including tug of war. While Sophie could pull or toss the new puppy across the room, she never pulls too hard, and the two of them sleep together.

We are just about through the teenage years of raising a GSD, and our Sophie is turning into exactly what we wanted. She is incredibly smart - every Monday is trash day, and Sophie sits quietly at the front window watching the men empty the cans, and bring the cans up to the garage. One Monday, she was barking and standing at the window, when I went to see what was going on, one of the men was new, not our regular service provider and she knew this - someone new was walking up our driveway, and she let me know something was different! She doesnt bark at anyone we bring into our home. Shes well-behaved at the dog park and when on walks. Shes had her first series of hip and elbow x-rays and was rated as best that they can rate at one year of age. As always, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us have our Sophie. We cannot imagine our lives without her."

Gordon and Donna Rauss


When I first came to Elaine Holt at Five Peaks looking for a German Shepherd puppy, I had some specific and very complicated requirements. I was looking for a dog I could train as a Service Dog. This dog would have to be a mobility dog as well as a psychiatric service dog. It had to have a strong working background. The parents had to have excellent temperaments. The offspring had to be smart, yet empathetic, able to pick up on the subtle cues of on oncoming panic attack. The chosen puppy had to excel at obedience and yet have a strong enough personality to be able to be what we in the Service Dog business call willfully disobedient if its owner was in trouble and gave an inappropriate command. And yet this was a puppy I needed to be affectionate, who would cuddle with me and give me comfort. Oh and as an added caveat, if it had good enough conformation to go into the show ring that would be a plus.

Elaine did not bat an eye at all of these requirements. She looked at all of her dogs and chose the mother dog she thought would produce the best temperament in the puppies and then proceeded to find a mate for her. Elaine kept me apprised of the entire process from choice to mating to impending birth. I met the puppies within the first week of birth and was welcomed with opened arms to come and observe and make my evaluation of the puppies. Elaine even let me bring over another trainer to help me evaluate both the temperament and conformation of the puppies.The puppy I chose I was drawn to that very first week, but Elaine did not try to push any particular puppy on me. She wisely pointed out the pros and cons of all the girls (I wanted a female). Arkeo went home with me when she was eight weeks old. We have had our disagreements at times, but that is good because I need a strong willed dog.

Elaine has not written us off as some breeders do. If I have any questions I can call or email her about training or feeding or any other question I may have. Five Peaks has an excellent stock of German Shepherd dogs and puppies to choose from and you will not find very many people more knowledgeable about German Shepherds, their raising and their training than Elaine Holt. If you would like to speak with me I can be reached at silverwolf13@comcast.net. "

Rev. Dr. Kathy Haley


I purchased my German shepherd puppy from Elaine Holt in the spring of 2008. My puppy, Cappalena (Cappy for short), came from Katianna's litter out of Amigo, two completely beautiful, well bred dogs. Elaine has an inspired ability to match dogs for the best qualities in off spring. Cappy was an easy puppy to train and live with. I took her every where (and still do) so that she would become well socialized. She is a most incredible animal. She plays with the cats, or my nieces small children, and of course other dogs, or will rest quietly by my 97 year old aunt's feet. I never worry about aggressive or inappropriate behavior. She has great retrieval drive and willingness to to please and obey me. Cappy has a calm and pensive demeanor, and a shiny red and black coat. She turns heads where ever we go.

I have had numerous professionals, trainers and veterinarians, comment on her poise, sweet temperament, and great confirmation. In fact, my vet has encouraged me to breed Cappy so that she can have a puppy from the litter! Her preliminary confirmation x-rays were normal in the "good" range for hips and elbows. Cappy is truly my best friend. I watch over her and she watches over me. I always feel safe with her by my side. She is protective with out being a liability and loyal as the day is long. We love our walks in the woods off leash, but she does just as well healing next to me downtown. She is great on the trail with horses and with other dogs, and loves to fetch and play in water. All this bragging still does not do this fabulous creature justice! Cappy will be two years old in February. She really is this good, and not even two yet.

I can not express enough gratitude to Elaine for her wisdom, ethics, and desire to breed the best into her dogs. It is well demonstrated in Cappalena and I count myself lucky to have discovered Elaine Holt and Five Peaks German Shepherds.

I you wish to contact me, feel free to ask Elaine for my information."

Sandy Vernon


Our puppy, Roman, is now 16 weeks old. He is our fourth dog and our second German Shepherd. Getting Roman from Five Peaks GSD is one of the best decisions we've ever made. We spent weeks doing research on many other breeders throughout the country. We almost bought through a breeder in California and then additional research showed he had some disgruntled customers.Elaine Holt has a stellar reputation, both locally and nationally. We were very impressed with the care and commitment towards her dogs as well as the extensive knowledge she possesses about the breed and the training of these dogs. More important, she wants to ensure that her dogs and the potential owners are a good fit for each other and that is paramount to her rather than simply making the sale.

We have three young children, including two preschoolers and really needed a dog that would not exhibit any nervousness or anxiety around the children who are already high energy! Elaine was really great about letting us visit the puppy before he was weaned so we could begin the bonding process early. She gave us practical tips about how the children should handle the puppy so as to establish the proper order of dominance. Our oldest child is almost twelve and this has been a really great experience for her to be more involved with the training of the dog, while our younger children are learning responsibility for feeding the dog. Right from the start, Roman has been very easy to potty train and within just two weeks he showed great ability with an established routine and maintaining control.

Now, at age 16 weeks, he's on a great schedule and truly a pleasure to have around. We also have an older German Shepherd and Elaine helped us with the transition and acceptance of the new puppy by our older dog. The older dog has never been particularly social with other dogs but with Elaine's help, we had a very smooth transition and her training techniques have also helped rid our older dog of some of her issues. This is truly a case of "you get what you pay for" because the quality of Elaine's dogs are exceptional and her continuing dedication to the dogs is evident in her policy of including a six week puppy training class with the purchase of one of her dogs. The class has been really helpful and informative, and just downright fun in seeing all the other dogs interact and play with each other.

Ling & Joe Bologna (Franktown, CO)