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A picture of a dog
  1. Tessa vom Vinszant
  2. February 18, 2015

Tessa is an elegant black and red female. Her personality is extraordinarily sweet and loving - but with a silly side. Her temperament is very sound and ideal for a family with children. Tessa is relaxed while indoors and has a very playful attitude. She is a devoted and loyal companion that is very easy to live with. Tessa is extremely intelligent and has an exceptional work ethic, which makes her an absolute joy to train.

Tessa has a highly coveted, 100% German blood line pedigree with multiple V and VA dogs on her father and mother lines, all Schutzhund titled and show rated, including world champions! 

Tessa's hips and elbows have been x-rayed by an Orthopedic veterinarian and evaluated by a Radiologist, who deemed them to be very good and suitable for breeding. We will be certifying her hips and elbows.

We expect gorgeous, well-temperamented puppies that make awesome working or show dogs, and of course the ideal, devoted family companion from Tessa!

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